anti snoring

Here at Arrow Orthodontics, we make a variety of Anti-Snoring appliances. These are the Silensor and the TheraSnore.

The Silensor consists of upper and lower ‘hard’ vacuum formed ‘Essix-style’ splints, which are held together by flexible plastic connecting rods. The mandible is proclined forwards, depending on the length of rod used. These rods can be adjusted by the laboratory backwards or forwards, by changing the length of the rods.

The TheraSnore appliance has a soft extendible section on the lower called the ‘Lingual Post’. This sits behind the lower teeth during sleep, preventing the jaw from falling back. Even if the patient sleeps with their mouth wide open, the teeth and jaw will not fall back. It has 5 settings to choose from, ensuring the patient can be helped no matter how severe the Snoring.

Most other appliances hold the lower jaw in a fixed position keeping the mouth fixed shut tight. With the TheraSnore you have a lot more freedom with full movement of the lower jaw from side to side allowing them to breathe more easily, opening and closing the mouth as you would normally.

The TheraSnore is fully adjustable and can be set in any one of 5 positions. It starts off in position 2 which allows the jaw to sit slightly forward, by around 3mm. If it does not stop the Snoring the first time you sleep through the night, simply adjust to the next setting and so on until you find the position that stops the patient snoring. This can be done in the surgery, rather than sending it back to the laboratory.

Upper & Lower alginate impressions or digital scans for both appliances are required. Take a normal centric bite for the Silensor, but sometimes a 2mm protruded bite might be useful as well to aid construction. The TheraSnore just requires a normal centric wax bite.

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